3 Simple Steps to Help You Sleep Better Tonight

Everyone knows what it’s like to be stuck in traffic on the way home from work. You’re tired and you’re getting frustrated because you just want to get home and see your family. You’re used to this. It happens every day. It’s annoying but you almost expect it.

When you finally do make it home you’re even more tired. The kids are hungry for attention and food. You’ve not really got the time or energy to cook so you just throw something in the microwave for them. Even after you’ve had your dinner you know that the working day is far from done.

You need to get the laundry done, read to the kids, and you’ve probably got some work you had to bring home with you. You keep telling yourself you’ll be able to get some rest when you go to sleep.

But going to sleep doesn’t bring rest with it. No matter how late it is you find your brain just won’t shut down because it’s still firing on all cylinders after the busy day, and in preparation for the day ahead. Instead you just toss and turn and hope you can get some sleep before the alarm blares out in the morning.

The next day is exactly the same. You’re tired, there’s no time to get something proper to eat, and you’re stressed. Worst of all; it’s impossible to escape this vicious cycle.

Right now you should probably take a deep breath. Chances are you’re stressed out just from reading all that. The following three simple steps will help you sleep better tonight.

  1. Grab yourself a notebook and just free write for a few minutes before bed. Jot down every thought that you have whether it’s from the past, present, or future. Clear out your brain and put it on the paper. This gets the thoughts of your head, clears up your mind, and helps you get some rest.
  2. Buy yourself a new alarm clock. Get one that has a gradual alarm and plays classical music. You’ll find that it’s a real god-send. A gradual alarm should be set for 15-20 minutes before you really need to wake up. They wake you up gradually rather than screaming you awake in the morning.
  3. Eat some healthy snacks throughout the day. You can’t go wrong with a small pack of baby carrots. They taste great and they’re also great for you. There’s no prep time either so you’ve got no excuse to not eat them! You can eat them when you need a quick snack at work or when you get stuck on the way home. Another great choice is raw almonds. You’ll be surprised how much just eating a little healthier can help you sleep at night.

Do yourself a favor and follow these 3 simple steps to help you sleep better tonight.