The Horrors of Neck Pain

We've all been there. 

We awaken to realise something just doesn't feel quite right... and then we start to roll out of bed and realise that throbbing, stabbing and sometimes even, searing neck pain. 

We go to get a massage, see a physiotherapist or a chiropractor and sometimes even have cortisone injections into our necks to take severe pain away. Of course, there are so many reasons for our necks to become sore:

  • Sitting at a mis-aligned computer screen all day
  • Sporting injuries
  • Reading books or studying at a desk at the wrong height
  • Sleeping on a bad pillow

While you're in a deep sleep your head can fall into an awkward position which puts strain on the muscles in your head and neck. Sometimes your brain will recognise this trigger you to wake up to find a more suitable sleeping position. But other times, if you're a bit too tired, you'll stay asleep in this painful position resulting in a sore neck when you awaken. 

Try a new pillow

Our Memory Foam Contoured Pillow is slightly smaller than 'standard pillows' and has a higher side and a lower side allowing you to achieve optimal comfort regardless of how you sleep. Its dimensions are:

  • High side: 11cm
  • Low side: 7cm
  • Length: 61cm
  • Width: 30cm

We recommend our side sleepers to keep the higher side closer to the neck, while we advise our back sleepers to try the lower side against the neck. Tummy sleepers will often find the pillow more comfortable when the lower side is closer to the chest.

Of course, there are no rules and if this doesn't work out try the opposite side with our 100 Night Money Back Trial!

Often we have to give it some time to work off the bad habits we have become accustomed to by using bad pillows and having bad posture. With our industry first 100 Night Trial you're able to try and appreciate the pillow as it gets to know your body and adjust to your unique sleeping positions giving you a better night's sleep.

We understand that everybody is different and if it doesn't work out, that not a problem at all.

Try sleeping on your back

Sleeping on your back provides better alignment for your neck and spine than if you're on your side. A lot of people may find this uncomfortable, through, as the airways tend to become blocked, making for an uncomfortable and sleepless night.

Adjust height 

If you're sitting at a desk, using a computer, reading a book or on your phone make sure everything is always adjusted to the correct and comfortable height. Invest in a footrest and you'll become instantly more comfortable.

Use a headset

If you're on the phone a lot, instead of holding the phone against your ear and shoulder, get yourself a headset and allow both your hands to be free for typing or taking notes. Free range head movement!


Yes, our mothers and teachers were right to pester us about our posture while we were in school. Make sure you're sitting, standing and walking by using your core and back muscles to keep you perfectly aligned. 

Exercise & Stretch

Make sure to take frequent breaks to stretch out your neck, back... and everything else! By sitting at a desk all day our default position often becomes hunched - supremely back for our neck, back and shoulders.

Get out and about

Put away those phones, laptops and tablets and go out for a walk. Kick around a ball and get your body moving again! You will have less strain on your eyes and neck.


We hope these tips will bring you relief if you are suffering with neck pain but please see medical advice if the pain continues to persist.

Sleep tight!

This article was created with the help of Spine Health