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Classic Contour Memory Foam Pillow


Aurora is our first child, our original classic contoured memory foam pillow that has inspired a whole family of pillows. Made with premium gel infused memory foam, our pillows are...


Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow

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Made with premium gel infused memory foam, Briar Rose pillows are designed to ensure the time you spend in bed is deeply rejuvenating so you wake up feeling refreshed without...
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Compressible Memory Foam Travel Pillow


Merryweather was created with travellers in mind. We’ve suffered from achy necks that result from sleeping on planes or poorly constructed hotel pillows and now travel with this neck-saver! Made...


Pressure Relief Pillow for Piercings


Finally! A pillow for those of us with multiple piercings. People with cartilage piercings in their ears will know the challenges involved with comfortable sleep, especially during the healing phase...