Classic Contour Memory Foam Pillow — Aurora

Classic Contour Memory Foam Pillow — Aurora


Aurora is our first child, our original classic contoured memory foam pillow that has inspired a whole family of pillows. Made with premium gel infused memory foam, our pillows are designed to ensure the time you spend in bed is deeply rejuvenating so you wake up feeling refreshed without aches or pains.

Measuring at 62cm in length and 33cm in width this pillow is smaller than a ‘standard pillow’ which usually measure at 70cm long by 46 wide. What makes this pillow different is that it has a higher side, measuring at 11cm, and a lower side, measuring at 7cm.

Generally, we find that side sleepers prefer the higher side against their neck, while back sleepers prefer the lower side. But, of course, there's no magical rule, you should experiment with both. The only way to know is by starting your 100-night free trial.

We'll be there for you each night, answering your questions and helping you improve your sleep.