Pressure Relief Pillow for Piercings — Diaval

Pressure Relief Pillow for Piercings — Diaval


Finally! A pillow for those of us with multiple piercings.

People with cartilage piercings in their ears will know the challenges involved with comfortable sleep, especially during the healing phase (which can take months)! And then one morning you wake up on your piercing and develop a nasty keloid numb (which are almost impossible to get rid of).

Lovers of piercings, this pillow is for you! Measuring at 33cm in length and width with a higher side of 11cm and lower side of 7cm, same as our Merryweather pillow, only with a hold in the middle, it provides a welcome relief to your ear (even if you don’t have a piercing) so you can sleep on both sides without setting your healing back by several months.

Made with premium gel infused memory foam, our pillows are designed to ensure you wake up feeling awake and refreshed without aches or pains. Generally, we find that side sleepers prefer the higher side against their neck, while back sleepers prefer the lower side. But, of course, there's no magical rule, you should experiment with both. The only way to know is by starting your 100-night free trial.

We'll be there for you each night, answering your questions and helping you improve your sleep.