The best sleep of your life with Briar Rose Pillows


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100 Night Money Back Guarantee

Designed for a good night sleep

Made with premium gel infused memory foam, Briar Rose pillows are designed to ensure that the time you spend in bed is deeply rejuvenating so that you wake up refreshed without aches and pains.

Why Briar Rose Pillows?

Do you?

  • Suffer Neck & Back Pain
  • Get Shoulder Pains
  • Have Headaches
  • Toss & Turn at night
  • Wake up tired, stiff, sore and grumpy?

Our pillows may help

  • Improve spinal alignment to help relieve neck & back pain
  • Improve quality and duration of sleep
  • May help ease breathing and blood flow to help you sleep easier
  • Regulate pillow temperature keeping you cool
  • Dust mite repellent reducing allergic reactions

100% Money Back Guarantee

Every Briar Rose pillow comes with an industry-first 100 day money back guarantee. We are so confident that you will enjoy using our pillows that we provide a full refund if you are not completely satisfied. So forget about in store trials, you have nothing to lose shopping with Briar Rose.

110% Guarantee
Pillows with spinal alignment support

Say Hello to pain free sleep

Our pillows are designed to mould to the contours of your neck, cradling your head helping relieve neck and back pain, sleepless nights as well as reduce overall soreness from sleeping.  This is achieved by the our uniquely designed ergonomic shaped pillows which follows the natural contours of your body providing the optimum support for your spine.

Sleep easy. Wake up fresh.

Our memory foam is directly injected with cooling gel which regulates temperature to provide a sweat free sleep. This unique approach creates a softer, cooler, mushier memory foam improving your sleep quality and duration allowing you to wake up deeply rejuvenated.

Gel Infused High Density Memory Foam
Hypo-allergenic pillows

Interruption free sleep. No more tossing & turning.

Dust mites are one of the leading causes of allergic reactions reducing quality of sleep. Each of our pillows come encased in a removable bamboo cover which acts as a dust mite repellent reducing allergic reactions. This means you can stay asleep without the sneezing and runny nose caused by allergies. Bamboo is also one of the world’s most renewable resource, with benefits such as being naturally pest-resistant, grows incredibly fast and can actually help rebuild eroded soil.

You deserve a better class of pillow

Make today the day to end that bad relationship with your pillow, because you deserve better. All those sleepless nights waiting for a pillow that would support you and love you back can end today. Start a relationship with Briar Rose Pillows now.


Only $258 $129 – Free Shipping

100 Day Money Back Guarantee

Briar Rose Luxury Pillow

About Briar Rose Pillows

Founded in Australia, Briar Rose was created to help the world sleep better. Scratching his own itch, our founder was a frustrated Aussie with neck and back pains due to a bad relationship with his pillow.

When shopping for a replacement, he quickly discovered the abundance of generic, cheap pillows that didn’t provide the support he needed for a quality sleep. Pushy salesmen, too many choices, and no genuine opportunity to try the pillow, he realised that something needed to change.

At that moment, Briar Rose was born, an alternative to your mass market pillows, we have crafted our pillows with the love and care that only a sufferer of poor sleep can give. Our pillow combines form, function, and superior quality into a simple offering — a pillow that simply gives you the sleep you deserve.

With Briar Rose, you can finally love beauty sleep.

Briar Rose Love Beauty Sleep