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The Briar Rose Pillow

We only sell one pillow. It’s the best we could make. The soul of the Briar Rose pillow is a touch of genius.

Our unique memory foam is infused with a million tiny gems of icy-cool gel, giving you the orthopedic support your spine has been craving, yet never sacrificing your thermal comfort.

Not too firm, not too soft

Every Briar Rose pillow is truly special. Your pillow is uniquely moulded in our factory with a slightly different number of icy-cool gel gems in every pillow. We believe authenticity is more important than stamping out a million pillow clones.

Is this pillow firm or soft?

We don't decide what is firm and soft, you do!

Perhaps a better answer is: it depends. Most of our customers would describe our pillow as medium to firm. Finding the right position is key to comfort with any memory foam pillow.

How do I know if it's right for me?

There's only one way: start your 100-night free trial. We'll be there for you each night, answering your questions and helping you improve your sleep.

Moulded With Love, Not Cut

Some of our competitors save on costs. It's cheaper to produce 62 meters of foam and cut it into a hundred smaller pillows. It also doesn't work.

Cut pillows collapse over time. There's only one way we can make a pillow that honours your spine: we mould every pillow.

Why a high and low side?

There's no magical rule, you should experiement with both. The high side is 11cm and low side is 7cm. Our customer service team helps every customer choose the right side for a blissful night sleep. Chat with us, it's the easiest way.

Is the pillow 'normal size'?

Our pillow is 62cm long and 35cm wide. This is smaller than a standard size pillow (70cm x 46cm). Unlike a traditional pillow, memory foam provides support to the very last centimeter.

spinal support

Careful Cotton, Beautiful Bamboo, Plush Polyester

Pillows deserve underwear, and only the best. Our pillow wears an ultra-fine cotton underlayer, keeping the foam free from moisture. Unless damaged, this layer will last the life of the pillow.

The outer cover is a blend of viscose bamboo and silky polyester. It's breathable and like sleeping on a cloud.

Sleep without sneezing

Silky comfort aside, bamboo is known for its hypoallergenic properties. Reduce tossing and turning. Enjoy a peaceful asleep without sneezing and a runny nose caused by allergies.


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Our refund policy is simple

All return requests must be within 100 nights from receiving the pillow. You'll receive 100% of the price if the pillow is in the original packaging. Otherwise you'll receive $100 per pillow if the pillow is not in the packaging, regardless of condition. Easy.

Why Australians love Briar Rose

At first I thought there was no way I was going to like this pillow, thought it was too hard. After persevering for about a week I finally got used to it. I no longer wake with neck pain or headache. Totally amazed to say the least, as I have suffered with neck pain for years. So glad I gave this pillow a go!!Janet J. (Melbourne)

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Only $258 $129 & Free Shipping

100 Night Money Back Guarantee