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Classic Contour Memory Foam Pillow

Sold out

Aurora is our first child, our original classic contoured memory foam pillow that has inspired a whole family of pillows. Made with premium gel infused memory foam, our pillows are...


Neck Support Memory Foam Pillow

Sold out

Made with premium gel infused memory foam, Briar Rose pillows are designed to ensure the time you spend in bed is deeply rejuvenating so you wake up feeling refreshed without...


Compressible Memory Foam Travel Pillow

Sold out

Merryweather was created with travellers in mind. We’ve suffered from achy necks that result from sleeping on planes or poorly constructed hotel pillows and now travel with this neck-saver! Made...


Pressure Relief Pillow for Piercings

Sold out

Finally! A pillow for those of us with multiple piercings. People with cartilage piercings in their ears will know the challenges involved with comfortable sleep, especially during the healing phase...

Briar Rose Pillows

Designed for Australians who suffer from neck pain every morning.

Our unique memory foam is infused with millions of tiny, icy-cool gems, giving you the orthopaedic support your spine has been craving, yet never sacrificing your thermal comfort.

Tranquility Every Night

Sleep more, worry less.

Your Briar Rose pillow gently supports your body and rejuvenates your mind every night.

What makes Briar Rose pillows special?


Tried memory foam before? Probably not! Some pillows feel like rubber, others like sand. Not ours.


You probably do too. Every dimension represents thoughtful precision to help improve sleep.


Pillows can not only dream our dreams, but also feel our emotions through the night.

What's the doc say?

"The guys at Briar Rose were able to create something truly novel and effective for back sleepers....If you are a committed back sleeper this pillow was created for you."
— Dr Mohamad Sabsabi
B. Sci. Chiropractic M. Chiropractic

Frequently asked questions

What makes your pillows different?

Great question!

Our unique memory foam is infused with millions of tiny, icy-cool gems, giving you the orthopaedic support your spine has been craving, yet never sacrificing your thermal comfort. It's the secret formula that makes our foam (the heart and soul of a memory foam pillow) unique.

Every Briar Rose pillow is truly unique. The pillow is uniquely moulded in our factory with a slightly different number of cooling gems in every pillow. We believe an authentic personal touch is more important than stamping out a million pillow clones.

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What materials are used in making this pillow?

We use a unique memory foam formula as the basis for our pillow. What is memory foam? It's a type of Polyether Urethane, or commonly called 'Polyurethane'. This is a special compound that is used in many places where comfort is required — from luxurious lounges to a Rolls Royce front seat. This is different to sponge foam, and has a much longer 'rebound' when you press down.

You could compress our pillow for a few weeks and they would return to their original shape. However, it's not recommended to keep it compressed for very long periods of time.

Our pillow wears an ultra-fine cotton under-layer to keep the foam free from moisture. Unless damaged, this layer will last the life of the pillow.

The outer cover is a silky viscose bamboo and polyester blend. Bamboo is known for its hypoallergenic properties. When blended with polyester, it becomes a silky-smooth cover that you would hate to cover with a pillow case (although most customers do this for the ease of washing).

Buying your pillow is easy


We love happy customers and we love having a chat! You’re welcome to buy first, but chat to us ASAP. You won't regret it.


You won't see us on infomercials or in department stores. We're online-only and value customer service. No salespeople here.


Receive emails when you place your order, when your pillow has shipped & tips on improving your sleep! We're here for you.


The day has come! Check that it's in perfect condition. Read our relearning sleep guide and ask us if you have any questions!


This is the fun part! As you use it, your pillow will adjust to your unique sleep position. You have 100 nights so no need to rush!


We understand that sometimes it just doesn’t work out. Some of our best customers have returned their pillows and that’s A-OK.

Wrapped in tender loving care

Soft cotton protects your magical memory foam, and washable, breathable bamboo resists germs and mites.

Our refund policy is simple

You can request a refund within 100 nights from receiving the pillow. You will receive a full refund regardless of condition. Easy!


Our team can guide you in the optimal way to use your pillow. We get that sometimes it just doesn’t work out, so if you simply need a return, let us know and we’ll get the process started.


We'll send you to our online returns form which makes the process simple, transparent, and fair. We'll guide you through the entire way and address any questions or concerns.


Place the pillow into the same courier bag the pillow came in. Tape it up so it's secure and safe for the journey back to us. This is likely the most non-fragile item you'll ever post.


After you've securely packaged your pillow affix the reply paid address we provide to you to the outside of the package. Then, take it to your local post office. Done!


Your pillow will then arrive at our warehouse and we will do a quick once-over to confirm all is in order and you haven't sent us a sack of potatoes. A box of chocolates would be lovely, though!


Last, but certainly not least, however you paid for the pillow, we'll refund you the same way. We enjoy customers' feedback and are always pooling comments to aid a better night's sleep.

What happens with returned pillows?

Good question! Our team has thought long and hard about this and we've come up with a brilliant solution.

100% of our returned pillows (less than 5%) are donated to the registered Australian charity The Generous & Grateful. Your pillow will be generously donated to:

"Those who have suffered great hardship, and are now ready to rebuild their lives with our help. These are people who are survivors of domestic violence, recovering from homelessness, refugees and youth at risk."

Briar Rose believes that business can have a positive impact on the world if we make ethical choices when faced with hard decisions.

We are so thrilled with our partnership.

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Beyond your senses

Premium memory foam with a million tiny gel gems will retain coolness all night long.

Why Australians Love Briar Rose

"I have bulging discs in my neck and have searched worldwide for the best of the best pillows to try and relieve my neck pain and allow for a proper nights rest. I have spent some ridiculous money on pillows, but nothing compares to Briar Rose pillows, namely the Sampson. It truly does feel heavenly to be able to let go and allow my pillow to support my neck. And what a job it does at that. I can sleep on my back or side which is a huge bonus as I’m a side sleeper. But it also feels like my neck has strengthened since using this pillow and having less flare ups of my discs in general which is also another huge bonus! Can’t fault these guys or their design one bit! Also their services was impeccable and fast shipping. When I wanted to swap one of the other pillows I purchased for another Sampson, they sent me one ASAP before I even posted the other one back! Life savers!! Now me and my husband are BOTH pleasant people in the mornings!! Thank you!"
— Marian.
"Getting great sleep again - finally. It really has made a huge difference to me, no uncomfortable neck."
— Sharna G.
"Item arrived ahead of time (great!) and the pillow exceeded my expectations. Provides great neck support and solved my neck and back problems over a period of about 4 days. Quality product too."
— Graeme D.
"I'm feeling so much more supported now and the proof is in the lack of headaches, its all pretty fabulous. Im a 'pillow hugger' so the nice large size allows me that pleasure."
— Rachel D.
"A fantastic comfortable pillow, I now have a much better sleep and no more waking up with headaches. service with Briar Rose was very good, cannot fault either service or pillow. Thank You."
— Heather C.
"Fantastic product and fantastic service. Todd in customer service went over and above to answer my questions and ensure my pillow was delivered without a hitch. Thanks again."
— Sharon S.


100 Night Money Back Guarantee