20 Tips To Ensure You Sleep Soundly

When you sleep properly at night you wake up happier and more productive than ever. With that in mind here are 20 quick tips to ensure you sleep soundly.

  1. No drinking tea or coffee after 6PM
  2. Quit smoking – nicotine is a stimulant which makes it difficult for you to sleep at night
  3. Get into a routine of going to bed at the same time each day
  4. The only thing you should be doing in bed is sleeping and having sex
  5. Get dimmer switchers for your lights and dim the lights a few hours before bedtime to mimic how day has changed to night outside
  6. Avoid exercising late at night, but do exercise during the day so you can sleep better
  7. Consider using an affirmation. Repeat to yourself that you are letting go of the day and will enjoy a restful night’s sleep.
  8. If you’re having trouble getting to sleep then, without turning up the lights, get out of bed and do something boring until it puts you to sleep
  9. While alcohol can help you get to sleep it also prevents you from sleeping soundly so don’t drink at night
  10. Try some relaxing breathing exercises – breath in and out slowly while focusing your abdomen rather than your chest
  11. It’s important to keep your allergies in check, especially if you’re the kind of person that wakes up with food cravings
  12. Don’t do stressful jobs like paying the bills right before bed
  13. Try drinking a herbal tea like chamomile or valerian. You can also take a herbal supplement if you’d like. Scullcap and valerian are good choices.
  14. Put some essential oils like lavender and clary sage on your pillow and let their beautiful and charming vapours send you to sleep
  15. Don’t forget the flower power! There are tons of flower remedies you can try depending on what keeps you awake. Vervain is a great option if you’re finding it hard to let go of the day while holly is perfect for calming you down. If there are thoughts that just won’t go away then get some white chestnut. Lastly if you have nightmares (or worrying about them keeps you awake) then try some aspen.
  16. If you’re having trouble sleeping because of stress then hold the bumps on your forehead, known as the frontal eminences, and it should de-stress you
  17. There are some supplements that are great for sleeping at night such as magnesium and calcium
  18. If you’re being kept awake by hot flushes and hot flashes then get some natural support for your endocrine system. Two great choices are Neways wild yam and chaste berry cream.
  19. Sleeping problems are one of the things that alternative/complementary therapy is great at handling. Find an alternative therapist near you and ask them if they can help.
  20. Lastly your sleeping problem may be a sign of some kind of underlying medical condition. Depression and thyroid problems can stop you sleeping. If you can’t shake your sleeping woes then get yourself checked out by your physician.